An enigma is probably the only way to describe Palace’s approach to music in all its guises. Much of this mystery is owed to a belief in music above all things to be the show runner. Coming seemingly from no-where, Palace has gained a strong underground & loyal internet following due to his ability to excite with every new track, drawing influences from the earliest days of electronic dance music. After initially appearing on the scene in late 2011 with his surprisingly unique take on Bassline, Palace has since found his home in the House scene, incorporating his unique raw, energetic, minimal productions with a classic slippery ’98-era shuffle. The essex based producer has had a string of hit release’s on DJ Haus’s increasingly eclectic Unknown to the Unknown and Hot Haus Imprints, gaining support from the likes of Mr G, Todd Edwards, Eliphino, Throwing Snow, Cyril Hann, Altern-8 + many more.

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